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Pengarah Bersekutu

Tadbir Urus, Pematuhan & Pengurusan Risiko
Tarikh Tutup
28 Februari 2020
Kelayakan & Deskripsi Tugas

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  1. Internal Audit


  • Support Head of GRC in preparing the Annual Audit Plan by assessing the business and operational process as well as concerns from Senior Management.
  • Prepare the audit planning documents i.e. (i) Audit notification (ii) Audit coverage (iii) Audit Program (iv) List of documents required



  • Lead the audit fieldwork and perform review based on the identified audit scope.
  • Compile and analyze data and supporting documents during fieldwork through various methods of auditing i.e. interviews, documents review, verification, analysis and audit testing based on selected samples.



  • Review and analyse audit results for factual accuracy and relevancy of issues raised by conducting problem analysis, benchmarking with industry standards, best practices as per IIA’s Standards of Professional Practices of Internal Auditing or IIA Guidelines in undertaking the review activities.
  • Draft audit report and propose recommendation for submission to Head of GRC.



  • Coordinate exit meetings and prepare the required documents i.e. audit finding discussion, draft final audit report and presentation deck.
  • Finalize audit report for submission to CEO as well as Board of Audit & Risk Committee on periodic basis.
  • Prepare and submit Audit Evaluation Survey (AES) to auditees.


  1. Risk Management
  • Support Head of Department in effectively implementing risk management framework across the organization.
  • Assist Head of Department in reviewing risk and validating effectiveness of controls as well as provide independent input.
  • Provide thoughts and feedback on management of actions plans to control risk to tolerable level.
  • Support Head of GRC in preparing periodical risk management reports for CEO as well as Board of Audit & Risk Committee.
  • Assist in developing action plans to ensure organization achieves satisfactory compliance with laws, rules and regulations.


  1. Corporate Governance
  • Develop and implement operational plans for key corporate governance control activities.
  • Evaluates new policies and procedures for operational and control impacts on corporate governance standards.
  • Identify ongoing process improvements, operational gaps, and potential remediation steps.
  • Investigates, monitor and resolves corporate governance issues with members of organization/ stakeholders.
  • Oversee liaison function to internal departments and aids in surfacing gaps between written procedures; ensures compliance with internal procedures and regulatory agencies.
  • Oversee the monitoring of key corporate governance deadlines.
  • Oversees and provides ongoing support for periodic update and maintenance of policies and procedures and other governance activities.
  • Prepare annual corporate governance report if required.
  • Leads ad hoc projects and helps develop and implement corporate wide or business unit governance initiatives.
  • Custodian of the department’s policy and procedure.
  • Work closely with the Company Secretary for governance related matters.


  1. Integrity
  • Provide guidance and promote cooperation while upholding the principle of integrity and ethics
  • Ensure implementation of good governance by inculcating and implementing the concept of integrity; identify and verify complaints with regards to criminal misconduct and the violation of the code of conduct and ethics of the organization and ensure appropriate actions are taken.
  • Receive and respond to all complaints and information concerning violation of criminal misconduct and ethics of the organization.
  • Strengthen the integrity of staff in the organization.
  • Ensure implementation of integrity programs and plans.


  1. Others
  • Engage to continuous knowledge development regarding government related agency rules, regulations, best practices, tools, techniques and performance standards on.
  • Coach and mentor other team members as part of the development plan.
  • Perform any ad hoc matters as and when required.



  • Minimum degree in Accountancy/ Finance or equivalent
  • Possess professional certificate in CIA / ACCA / CFSA / CGAP / CRMA / CEIO or any other related certification
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in either risk management, internal audit or external audit.


Start date: Immediately


Pelatih Industri (Intern)

Pengurusan Program & Penyampaian Perkhidmatan
Tarikh Tutup
28 Februari 2020
Kelayakan & Deskripsi Tugas

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Job description:

  1. Vetting applications, data entry, prepare memo for payment;
  2. Prepare scholars related documents (i.e.: Letter of Award, Scholars Agreement, etc.);
  3. Programme and Scholars related documents scanning and verifying;
  4. Issue letters according to scholars’ completion status;
  5. Update and maintain documents repository; and
  1. Other administration tasks



  1. Fresh graduate or final year student currently pursuing Bachelor Degree with minimum CGPA of 3.00
  2. Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint & Word) or any other relevant software to complete task required.
  3. Able to communicate and liaise with relevant personnel on programs
  4. Proficiency in English and Bahasa Malaysia, both spoken and written
  5. Able to work independently and be resourceful

Duration: 3 – 6 months

Start date: Immediately

No of vacancies: 3

Nota penting: Sekiranya anda berminat dengan jawatan di atas, sila hantarkan cover letter dan resume ke

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